Our private lessons give you time with one of our trainers, who will coach you on how to train your dog.

 We’ll give you the information and guidance you need to take home and practice. Lessons usually last an hour and are scheduled at our facility, though we do have the ability to travel to offsite locations if necessary to resolve specific issues. At the center we have access to a variety of distractions, including demo dogs who are training with us here.

You’re welcome to bring multiple dogs and any member of the household who will be interacting with them, as it’s your time to do with what you wish. Private lessons are flexible to accommodate any dog and for any goals, granted you have the time and ability to conduct the training yourself.

We also have a special private lesson called “Buddy Lessons”, where you and another individual with their dog split an hour and a half of coaching time with the trainer. This person can either be a friend or someone we match you with. Buddy lessons are a less costly option for those who are efficient studies and have the means and opportunity to train the dog at home. They also provide you the opportunity to learn off of someone else who is going through the same process, as we try to match you with someone with similar training goals.

Call us to schedule an evaluation to see if boarding and training is the right option for you.