All dogs are given safe, neutral exposure to the other dogs staying with us, but we do not permit free, physical interaction between the dogs for reasons of safety. Dogs can have very bad experiences with other strange dogs and can develop negative associations to those experiences, so we make sure that while everyone is able to see, smell and hear each other throughout the day and during let out, that everyone stays safe.

Our programs for service and therapy dogs are all conducted under Kendall’s Corner (link to KC), and we also have a protection dog program under Guardian (link to guardian). Visit those sites for further information!

We do not offer full-service grooming, but we are able to bathe and brush your pets at the end of their stay, as well as clip or dremel their nails.

Yes! We have a couple of larger runs for dogs to be boarded together. Please let us know ahead of time and we will have them ready for your pets.

Required items include copies of the dog’s rabies and bordetella shots for us to keep, any medication the dog needs, and  their food. If the dog is raw fed, we have an additional surcharge, and the food must be pre-portioned with specific thawing/serving instructions. Optional items include bedding and non-destructible toys, though all dogs are provisioned a mat or cot for bedding during their stay. There’s no need to bring food bowls, and we can hang onto any leashes until you return to pick up the dog.

Dogs are let out six times a day for approximately fifteen minutes. All runs are securely double fenced, inlaid with concrete and shaded throughout the day, and all waste is immediately removed and recorded for each dog after let out.

We’re partial to Red Barn food rolls, which is a large sausage-type semi-moist dog food. We cut them into discs and then again into sticks to snap off pieces of during training. The reason we use these is because of ease, cleanliness, and that instead of an expensive “junk food” training treat, Red Barn is designed as a wholesome, complete dog food. Instead of “chips and cookies”, we reward with “meat and potatoes”.

Every dog will be assigned one trainer who acts as the manager to oversee their training, but an important part of the process is having the dog work with several people to build the context of the training. All of our trainers will work with the dog while they’re here to help reinforce the meaning of our communication tools and our obedience commands.