As a former instructor at the Starmark Academy for professional dog trainers, Nichole has plenty of experience coaching clients how to train dogs. She’s got a soft spot for shy and fearful animals, greatly enjoying building their confidence, and also working with high-energy pooches in sports such as disc dog. She’s also very engaged with her motley crew of Butch, Nova and Vega, with a multitude of obedience, dock diving, agility and disc titles on her busy bunch.

The owner and operator of Top Dog Boarding and Training, Shawn is a multiple schutzhund world team qualifier and national champion. He’s learned under the world’s best trainers to help pursue his success in sport, which has transferred to help others teach their household pets to be good canine citizens. Currently he works with his dogs Enzo, Yao, Sweet Pea and Ziva in schutzhund and therapy work.



Corey is a former veterinary technician and now serves as the head trainer at Top Dog. He has obedience titles on the three of his dogs, Bella, Loba and Ogun. He’s apprenticed under several experienced dog trainers, including learning under Shawn’s system of training. He’s especially passionate about rescue dogs, having three rescues of his own, and working on some of the hardest cases we encounter.

Nate has experienced working under some of the best trainers on both coasts, and has a particular interest in working protection dogs, heading up our Guardian Protection Dogs program. He’s a certified schutzhund helper, and with his dog Nessy he’s qualified for the German Shepherd Nationals! Dogs for Nate have been a long time passion and he is always looking to sharpen his skills under the tutelage of the world’s best teachers.





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Eliza is our savvy public relations manager, with plenty of experience with and a love for social media. She also has been involved in the business of dogs for years, finally ending up apprenticing under Shawn to be a bona fide trainer with an interest in puppy development. With obedience titles on her dogs Baron and Scout, and starting in on her schutzhund journey with Gambit, she’s always actively bettering her skills as a trainer.



Alexis started out in the field of information technology, and after apprenticing under Shawn has moved on to be a full time dog trainer. Her passions are focused in service and therapy work under our Kendall’s Corner  program, and her dog Hawkeye works as her own service dog. She is also avidly competing the sport of schutzhund with her other dog Max, and constantly strives to improve their performance on the field.

Cheri is our primary customer representative and heads up the office staff. She has over twenty years of experience in hospitality and management, and like many of those at Top Dog, was a client of ours before becoming an employee, so she can easily relate to and answer the common questions and concerns she receives. Not only is she highly competent in her work, she’s a die hard German Shepherd and schutzhund enthusiast, in which she trains her dog Baron.


Kyle is a graduate of the Starmark Academy for professional dog trainers, and is passionate about educating owners on how to get the most out of their pet dogs. He’s currently serving in the Air National Guard, with ten years in the military including deployment overseas. He’s very active with his dogs Hydra, Kahn, and Valka, working them in schutzhund, dock diving, scent detection and retrieving, wow!