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For those who enjoy a classroom setting, Pet Club stores across the East Valley host our group lessons. Our instructors will teach classes of up to five to eight people, and help coach you on how to train your dog. The store environment provides many distractions, so for less focused dogs the most effective training sessions will be at home, and the class is more for improving the owner’s learning curve. There is a curriculum to the classes but we work at your pace to suit your individual goals.

Group classes may not provide an ideal learning environment for all dogs, but they are a great way for owners to get basic handler skills and an introduction on how to teach our pets to meet our expectations with a minimal commitment. They are also a great place to advance the skills of a trained dog by having them work under heavy distraction. Lastly, our puppy class are a great start for young dogs and their owners, providing ample and safe socialization as well as tips to keep you sane during the puppy process.

Call us or visit Pet Club to inquire on signing up for classes.