Our philosophy in training at Top Dog is to enrich the lives of pets & their owners through a highly refined positive motivational method. Using operant conditioning as a core principle we teach the dogs how to learn & owners how to better understand their pets’ way of thinking.  This allows the owner to develop a clear way of communicating with their pet in all aspects of their life. 

We encourage owners and their families to be as involved in the learning process as they want. Offering services including boarding with training, group classes, private lessons, as well as sport/protection training. We have the experience and knowledge working with all breeds to help you achieve your goals.

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Kendall’s Corner Update

Thank you to everyone that donated to Kendall’s Corner.

We are still taking donations even though the donation website is closed. Please contact us for more information and to donate. 

All funds will be used in the care, the training, and the making of this dream a reality.


Top Dog Now Offers Grooming!
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Our new boarding area is now completed! 

It features indoor/outdoor runs, central air conditioning/heating, with enhanced security including off-site temperature monitoring.

Group Courses
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) &
Community Canine (CGCA) Testing
Weekend Seminars

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